Different strengths and weaknesses between False eyelashes and grafted eyelashes

Different strengths and weaknesses between False eyelashes and grafted eyelashes  

Grafting eyelashes: one time the cost of grafting eyelashes at less a few hundreds, or more than a few thousand.

False eyelashes: cost of a pair of false eyelashes is from ten to several hundred dollars, but can be reused.

Nursing PK

Grafting eyelashes: within 4 hours after grafting, the eyes can not be wetted with water. Avoid rubbing eyes and other activities, but also in the cleansing time, try to avoid the eye area, cotton swabs can be used for eye wipe clean.

False eyelashes: the day removed.

Effect PK

Grafting eyelashes: Grafting eyelashes need to be based on the needs of each person and their own eye type, eyelash state grafting. There are cosmetologists false eyelash material and grafting methods.

False eyelashes: the same variety of options, so the result is equal.


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