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Why Wholesale 3D Mink Eyelashes Kit Set From Eyelash Vendor Klein Lashes?

Klein Lashes , as the best Wholesale Lashes Vendors , we have developed many famous eyelashes style in the market. Most of the style are hot style in the market. Such as 16-25mm Luxury Lashes, 25MM Mink Lashes Vendor. And we only focus on BEST SELLER.

Once the lashes style are not the hot one, we won’t sell them again. Because we have the sales data from the market.

Why do we push out a new lashes set?
Because most of the girls want to select different kinds of boxes and lashes, but they can buy them from the Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Supplier, because of the MOQ(Minimum Order Quantity). So most girl have to give us the idea.


What will you get if you buy this kit set?
You will get 12 pairs luxury 3D Mink Eyelashes and 12 different kinds of General Lashes Boxes, also you will get one Eyelash Glue and one eyelashes applicator.

Besides , you have the opportunity to get the brushes and colorful bags if you are the first 10000 person to purchase this kit set.

What does the shipping cost ?

Usually, if your purchase 12 pairs Mink Eyelashes and Eyelashes Boxes, the shipping cost will be 30-35$, and about 3-5 business day to USA.

But for this lashes set, the shipping cost just free for you! OMG!

So excited!

What does this 3D Mink Lashes kit set cost?
Only 119.9$! and we provide your competitive wholesale price, and you can choose 12 different style lashes and 12 different boxes, and just have no MOQ limit for you, and you can also get 1 Best 5ML Eyelash Glue. We have many kinds eyelashes glues ,and you just choose what you want!

What’s the benefit of this set?

1st Different customer different tastes.
If you want to test the market, and you just have no idea about which style your customer will love and make the purchase, and you can choose this set to test your market with little budget.

2nd If you just start your lashes business line.
and you just want to start your 3d mink lashes business line with little money, and you can try this set, because if you want to cooperate with your Wholesale Mink Lashes Manufacturer USA, they will have MOQ limit , because they provide your wholesale service.

3rd Easy the sell them out.
Customer would like to choose set instead of the single lashes.

This set include lashes and boxes and eyelashes glue and eyelashes applicator and brushes.

If your customer want to purchase 3D Mink Lashes Individual, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity!

How to buy such an affordable lashes kit set?
you should participate in the activity as soon as possible because we have a quota. If you want to buy you can contact us to get the lashes set .

How long is the transportation time?

Usually it need 2-4 business day to USA, and we will ship the parcel within 24 hours, and we use the efficient shipping way not the slowly one. And we bear the cost for you ,and you know my friend , the shipping cost is much expensive , but we have discount , so if you pay for the shipping cost , you will pay more.

Which style lashes can you choose?
You can choose any length any style you like, and if you love Regular Eyelashes, you can choose them ,if you like 25MM Fluffy Mink Lashes and Dramatic Eyelashes, you can also choose them!

If you have cooperated with Klein Lashes, you will know the quality of our Luxury Mink Lashes, and you won’t miss them!

Can I Do 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale Private Label?
We supply Private label, and you can sent your logo and brand name and info to us whatsapp008613465813039 and we will produce for you, and if you are our regular customer, we will do it for you just free for you .

Which color of the brushes do you supply?
We have too many color brushes for you to choose, and if you want to order the exact color brushes, you should tell us the one you want whatapp008613465813039, otherwise will send to your randomly.

Which color of the applicator do you supply?
We have all kinds of color eyelashes applicators for you to choose form, and if you want to order the exact color, you should tell us, usually our eyelashes applicators are all the best seller in the market and we have enough stock.

Are you ready to purchase this set?

If you just want to order this set, please let us know, and attend this sales asap, and you will get what you want to buy with competitive wholesale price.

More details about 3D MINK LASHES,and custom packaging boxes, just let us know, and we will provide best service for you ,and will help you make a good purchase with our professional skills and patience.

All you need, we can do for you if you need our service and Lashes Wholesale 25MM 3D Mink Lashes 25MM 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor and 20mm mink lashes.

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Where Does The Material Of The 25MM 3D Mink Lashes Comes From?

25mm 3D Mink Lashes are very popular in Wholesale Mink Lashes market, and most girls love this style very much, and today we will lead you to know the 25MM 3D Mink Lashes and Eyelashes Vendors.


1st What is 25MM 3D Mink Eyelash?
First, the length of the mink fur from the top to the end is 25mm, and this mean the length of the raw mink fur not the finished lashes length.

Second , the material of the eyelashes are made of mink fur.

Third , this style of lashes have good 3D effect.


2nd Where does the material of the 25MM 3D Mink Lashes comes from?
The mink fur of the Long 25MM Lashes is different than the Natural Mink Lashes and 20MM 3D Mink Lashes.

Why ?

Because the raw material of mink fur is much longer than the natural mink lashes. This material is much special than the normal one.

We just collect the lashes from the tail of the mink ,and some one ask for us , if we Kill The Mink For The Mink Fur, OH, MY GOD! We won’t do that, and if the mink is dead, the mink fur will not so fluffy black and shiny. And if we just can’t pick the mink fur anymore.

So we won’t do that. All the lashes are Vegan 3D Mink Lashes.

Besides , the Chinese government doesn’t allow us to kill wild animals.

As you know, only the mink fur for the tail of the mink should be long and thin and soft. So only use this part of the mink fur, we can ensure the quality of the 25MM Mink Lash.

Of course, the feeling of wearing it is also very comfortable without the feeling of gravity.


3rd Do you want to know the secret of the comfortable feelings?

First , the raw material.
Most Lashes Vendor Wholesale won’t use this part of the mink fur, so if you check the mink fur, you will see:

1 The top the mink fur is broken and not sharpen.
2 if you feel the mink fur with your finger, that will be some hard than our Luxury 25MM Mink Lashes.

Second , the age of the mink.
We collect the mink fur from the young mink fur which is thin and long, with perfect feelings and appearance. Different ages different quality.

Third, 3D Mink Lashes technology.
A scientific production process will protect the mink fur and keep the original appearance. In fact , most of the Lashes Vendor will choose chemical progress to make the 3D effect. And that will not be a healthy way and will hurt the mink too.

Next, let me show you our Luxury 25MM 3D Mink Lashes to you to check our Lashes Wholesale.


If you want to get more Mink Lashes Vendors catalogue, please click here to get more Wholesale On Eyelashes.

4th why so many people prefer 25MM 3D Mink Lashes ?

First ,to make a charming appearance.
25mm 3D Mink Lashes is the dramatic style , and looks much more amazing . Most girls would love to choose when they are in holiday and party, and also use for daily life.

Second, 25mm 3d mink lashes are much longer than 13-18mm mink lashes and 20mm 3D mink lashes, which looks more charming and special.

Third, the material .
The raw of the mink fur is much longer and better than the regular natural lashes, and easy to apply on ,soft and light.

Fourth, to attract people.
You will be the center when you apply your 25mm luxury mink lashes on.

Also can improve eye charm effectively.

5th How many 25mm lashes style in the market?
Our designer have designed hundreds of style according to the size of the face and the shape of the eye.

And we push 50 hot styles in the market after the test. And if you want to customized your own lashes style, just send us your drawing picture, and we will design for you ,and make a sample to test the style and quality. Welcome contact klein Lashes to make your own style lashes

And one of my customers said to klein Lashes, their first Wholesale Lashes Vendors have 10,000 style 25MM Lashes , and we ask how do you make so many lashes style? How many kinds do they provide? And theirs salesman can answer all the question.

And after my customer receive our lashes sample , they said our luxury lashes are much better the the first vendor.

So don’t trust all the salesman said, you should see the Lashes and Service. In fact ,most Wholesale Lashes Vendor provide good service to you , and anything they can do for you , they are very happy to solve the question you met.

Wish you have a good Eyelash Venders.

6th why your 25mm 3D Mink Lashes are different than the others?

First , all the lashes style are design by our designer, and once we push on the market, girls love them very much. And easily sold them out .
So our Mink Lashes Wholesale style are test by the market, and we know the market, all the style are in the market are selected by the market,and our Mink Eyelash Vendors are all made by our heart and soul. Most Lashes Wholesale Vendor copy us, but they just copy the style, they can’t copy the soul of our Luxury lashes, what’s more, they can copy our technological process.

Second, strict QC.
Every single mink fur is selected by our skills worker to make sure the quality of the raw material.

We are determined not to use inferior hair to make eyelashes.

We have three times QC process to make sure each eyelash are perfect art work.

And if you want to know the details of the QC , welcome contact us more information.



7th The Price Of Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA
The price of our Luxury 25MM Mink Eyelashes are not the highest but the reasonable one.

Usually the wholesale price is 5-8 USD each pair, and if you make bulk orders , please contact us to get the competitive wholesale price.

And we focus on the luxury Mink Lashes Vendor ,and we pay too much time and energy to design and produce the mink lashes ,so some 6D 25MM Mink Lashes are much expensive the the other 3D Mink Lashes 25MM , and we have little profits from the 3d mink lashes business line.

But we insist on develop and research the best mink lashes in order to provide best lashes to our distributors and customers.

Warm welcome to join us to cooperate with klein Lashes, The best Mink Lash Venders we will bring more beautiful and unique style lashes.

Bring the real 100% mink fur lashes to the world, and bring the healthy and green eyelashes to the customer, to build the beautiful world.

More business cooperation welcome to CONTACT US!!!

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Why Choose Our Most Stable Eyelash Vendors?

Hi, everyone, this is Alex from quality inspection department, as one of the most important part of Eyelash Vendors, we have more stringent quality inspection and control measures to protect our Wholesale Lashes and the quality of our Wholesale Mink Lashes.


First,our Lashes Factory are all aseptic.
From the raw material to finishes product, the whole process, every link is tracked and controlled by us.

Second,How to detect the effect?
The easy way is too test the quality of our luxury Mink Eyelashes.

You can put them on ,and feel the Lashes ,and we have told you how to distinguish the good one and the bad one in the past post on our Lashes Wholesale website. And you can directly contact us to get free Mink Eyelash sample  . we will send our catalogue to you and you can choose any style to test the quality.

Third , why you choose any style to test the quality ?
Because we just want to supply TOP grade 3D Mink Lashes to our customer,we never cheat our customer and we never set special sample list to you, because we just want you choose the one you like instead of the one we set sample list to you.

So each pair of our Eyelash is guaranteed by our strict QC progress. Not every Lashes Vendors can do this and they are not willing to share their production process and quality control system.

Fourth, why Eyelash Vendors Wholesale don’t share production process to you?
The first reason is that your Mink Lash Vendor is just trading company, who provide Mink Lash Vendors Wholesale service to you ,and they do not know the details about the production.

The second reason is that they don’t have core technology and fear their easy progress will be copied.

We are never afraid of technology leakage. And we want more and more Mink Lash Vendors build strict QC system and produce more and more high quality 25MM Mink Lash Wholesale eyelashes .

At the same time, we never worry about our technology can be copied by the other Lashes Wholesale Vendors.
They can copy our style and they can not copy our core technology.

Different temperature and humidity cause different curl and quality. And they are too many factors affecting quality. Such as raw material, the technology and the craft.

So every pair of our 25MM Lashes and 20MM Lashes and 16-22mm regular eyelashes are made by heart and details.

Details determine success or failure, right?

Fifth, we will share our QC process to you.

1st Raw Material.
We pick the best part of mink fur from the mink to make sure each fur are sharpen instead of the broken one. This is the foundation of a good pair of lashes.

Also, we will do a good job of sterilization.

All our fur is aseptically treated and processed to produce the safe of our Mink Lash Wholesale .

So our lashes are both safe and good.

2nd Formative technology.
All the lashes are made by our skills workers according to the design drawing to make sure each pair of 25MM Mink Lashes Wholesale have a good structure with soul.

And if someone copy our style,they can’t copy our core structure and soul.

3rd Delivery Inspection
Each pair of our lashes is detected by our QC team. Yes, every pair . If you find the quality questions and that is our fault.

Klein Lashes , as one of the best Wholesale Lashes Suppliers, we just focus on the Luxury 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale , and if you find the lashes that are better than ours, please contact us Our Mink Lash Vendors factory attaches great importance to product quality.

And we just want to produce the best 3D Mink Lashes and supply good quality Mink Lash Wholesale to our distributor and customers.

And we will provide best service to our customers, and if you want to search a top Lashes Factory, never miss Klein Lashes.

This is why our Mink Lash Wholesale so popular in the market , just because we pay too much time and energy to produce a top grade lashes.

If your supplier gives you different models every time, you should know ,they have no QC team and skilled worker, that’s a bad thing.

So you should find a new Wholesale Mink Vender who will provide a more stable Lashes Wholesale product .

Sixth The Price Of 3D Mink Lashes
Our Eyelashes are not the highest in the market, but it is reasonable and not the Cheaper Lashes.

If you want to purchase the Cheapest Lashes , you should find the other Lash Vendor Wholesale .

Usually our 16-25mm mink eyelashes cost 3.5-8 USD each pair according to the quantity.

The more the cheaper, and if you make Bulk 3D Mink Lashes Orders, please contact us to get the most competitive wholesale price to you .

Our production process is more complicated than the traditional one, and our cost is much higher than the other Lashes Suppliers . but we insist produce top grade luxury mink lashes to our customer, and we will bring more and more new style fashion lashes to the market .

And we wish we can bring real safe and healthy mink eyelash to you and your market ,and more cooperation please CONTACT US!!!

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Why So many People Choose Klein Lashes ?

If you are search a new wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor in a new year to provide you top grade luxury Mink Lashes and service, you are very lucky meet Klein Lashes.


As one of the best Lashes Vendors in China, we focus on Top grade luxury Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA. Supply 25MM Mink Lashes Wholesale, and 20mm 3D mink Lashes and 16-22mm mink eyelashes with competitive wholesale price.

Why so many people choose Klein mma Lashes ?

1st The advantage of Klein Lashes.
All the lashes are designed and produced by ourselves, we are a design and manufacturing Mink Lashes Supplier in China. We can supply too many styles Mink Lashes Wholesale in the market with high quality. Also we can lead the lashes fashion, because we have our own design team.

2nd We deliver the goods on time.
All the lashes are in stock, and we are very confident with our Mink Lash Wholesale, and all of our luxury lashes are all in short supply.

In order to satisfy the market , we have to produce the lashes day and night to ensure timely delivery of orders to our customers.


3rd Strict QC
All of our regular customer know that we have three strict QC progress to ensure the quality of your luxury mink eyelashes.

And our QC team have rich quality testing experience and advanced testing tools , so anything about the quality of our Wholesale Mink Lashes, just let us know and our after sale service team will help you solve all questions you met with the help of our QC team.

How do you design your unique lashes style ?
All of our eyelashes are produced based on big data analysis and the human body aesthetics .

Especially the eye and face beauty.

Yes, eyelash is the most important part when it comes to the eye makeup. And we design our luxury lashes according to the shape of your eye and face.

So we design so many styles lashes to match all kinds of the people.

Different people different eyes shape and size. we design the eyelashes by change the structure and control the length curl and quantity of the mink fur to design the unique style in the market.

Although we have developed many kinds of lashes, but we are not the machine to produce lashes, all the lashes are made by our skills worker’s hand, and what we want to do is to make more lashes art; bring the real luxury mink lashes to our customer and market.

Difference between Klein Lashes and the ordinary mink lashes.

1 Our lashes are the real 100% luxury mink lashes.
Our luxury are much more fluffy and gorgeous than the ordinary one,and if you apply on , you can’t feel the weight , and very comfortable with a sharpen and vivid appearance.

2 Sterile Processing
Our products are sterilized and are truly healthy and green, no harm to you eye and skin.


3 Relieve eye strain and reduce disease
Our luxury Mink Eyelashes Wholesale are all made by top grade raw material with light wearing and comfortable feeling.

It can effectively relieve eye fatigue and avoid eye diseases.

Tell you a easy way to distinguish the difference:

Put our luxury lashes on your left eye and put on another lashes from the other Mink Lashes Vendor, and feel the light and comfortable, close your eye, and feel them by your hear, open and close your eye to feeling them. You will get the answer.

By the way, if you want to do this test , please contact us to get three free lashes sample to test the quality.

4 Our lashes sell better
This is an important test for consumers and the market. Of course, sales and marketing and advertising are also important factors in gaining market ,but the lashes is the basic and the most important factor in your lashes business line.

Because your sales and marketing strategy is the way to help your customer find you and choose you. You can’t make sure whether they can leave if you sell them with poor lashes and service.

Customer just want to order a good lashes to make a perfect eye makeup. So lashes is the basic factor in your lashes business line. People don’t waste a penny of their spare money on a defective Mink Lashes Wholesale .

On the contrary, no matter how expensive the eyelashes will be the customer will buy them , because the cost of the the luxury one is much more expensive the cheaper one, besides, the style and quality can attract people’s attention.

Service of customer first

1 If you have cooperated with Klein Lashes,you will know, yours question is our question, your difficulty is our difficulty.
We will try our best to solve all the questions our distributor met, and help me success.

2 Powerful support
Our design team QC team IT team Sales team and after sale team production team will help you solve the issues you met in your business whole line.

1st if you want to build your website ,our IT team can help you.
2nd if you want to design your logo, our design team will help you .
3rd if you want to design your own lashes in the market ,our design team can help you.
4th if you want to do custom packaging lashes box , our production team will produce for you when they receive the drawing.

Therefore, our old customers give us a high evaluation and praise.
If you cooperate with us, we will do more than your Lashes Vendors, you will find we are your partner your comrades and support friend to make we both make profits in the business line.

If you want the best luxury mink eyelashes with competitive wholesale price, please give us a chance to cooperate with you , you will find all is deserve the price.

When you met issues, you can ask our professional salesman , and we will try our best help you solve them no matter you cooperate with us or not.

More cooperation please CONTACT US!!! , thank you.

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Why We Provide Best Lashes Wholesale Service?

Many Lashes Wholesale Vendors will put performance and profit first in their company. For example :

How many Lashes Wholesale do they sold?

How many Lashes Custom Packaging Boxes do they sold?

How much money do they get from the Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes business ?


In fact , too many Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendors would do that , and ask their salesman to get more and more profits from the Mink Lashes Wholesale. And of course getting more and more profits is still the first important thing but not the only standard in the Lashes Wholesale 25MM Mink Lashes business .

Instead, Our metric is to provide better customer service. This is very important for us.


1 Why do we offer the best service?
First , we have the ability to solve the problem.
Our company has a complete organizational structure and clear division of labor. All employees are professionally trained to work.

1st Our Wholesale Mink Lashes sales team will bring you the most professional knowledge to you .
If you want to make a 3D Mink Lashes Bulk Order they will help you choose the best seller, and will give you targeted purchasing advice. They will give you competitive wholesale price to you and will help you save your money.

And if you just start your lashes business line, our salesman will help you start your eyelashes business line step by step . also they will give you professional advice and teach you how to choose the Mink Lash Wholesale style according to your country and area.

2nd Creative design team provide powerful support
We have two teams to satisfy the market.

The first team is to design Mink Eyelashes Wholesale for our customer.
We have design too many fashionable Mink Eyelashes in the market. Such as 25MM Mink Lashes and the other 3D Mink Lashes. All unique in the market , and many distributor name by their own style and we provide Wholesale Lashes With Private Label service.

The second design team is visual communication team.
This team supply too many design works for you , and if you want to design your own Eyelashes logo, and Lashes Custom Packaging ,and your website banner, they will do all the design work for you.

Most of them design Custom Packaging Boxes Lashes for our customer, and too many people will order Lashes Wholesale and Eyelashes Boxes Wholesale service.

Because they know the importance to the custom packaging box . and we have post a post to share the importance. And also if you want to design your own custom packaging box, you can contact us, and give our salesman your idea about your custom packaging box, and our designer will design free for you .


If you want to design a professional Eyelashes Custom Packaging , and you can send your logo and Eyelash Box and your logo to us , our designer will give you some professional advice about your visual communication and color material collocation.

Too many Lash Vendors just use a simple logo and when your customer saw they , they can’t know what business you are doing, and what you will sell.

So if you want to test your Lashes Logo and Eyelashes Custom Boxes , you can contact us to get more targeted advice.

If you want to design and produce your own hot eyelashes boxes style, we can do for you , which will add value to your Lashes Wholesale. And you can sold out your 3D Mink Eyelashes easily.

Klein Lashes , as one of the best Wholesale Lashes Vendors , we are very confidence with our 25MM Lashes and 20MM Mink Lashes, and if you choose us to be your first Lashes Vendors, we will bring more than you can imagine.

Second, We are mutually beneficial partners.
Only by helping our customers solve their problems can our products sell better. And when our customer get more and more customer ,we will get more and more orders from our distributor.

This is what we want to see and our customer’s success is our success.

Third, to gather more information from the market.
More feedback about the product and service will help us make the right decision. Which will help us do better than now in a long term.

And that’s value information. So we are never afraid of customer difficulties, that will let us become stronger and better.

2 How to improve our service level?
First, Improve the quality of wholesale mink lashes.
We would devote more time and energy to designing and developing new Mink Lashes Wholesale service.

Quality and style is still our main goal in the Wholesale Lashes business line.

Second, strictly control the quality.
The quality of 3D Mink Eyelashes is our life.

As a responsible Lashes Factory and Wholesale Lash Vendors, we will gain more and more customer and opportunities.

wholesale 3d mink lashes manufacturer and suppliers Klein lashes lilly lashes vendor and suppliers in China 25 mm lashes

Third , Improve after-sales service.
Because of the top quality, our after-sales team will help our sales team to serve the customer who provide you 24H service. And they will solve all the questions you met in the market ,and gather them to our design team and product team.

No matter what you met , no matter what it is , if you cooperate with us , you will not worry about your business line. And you will success with our luxury lashes and top service.

Fourth ,our service tenet.

Customer is God. We always supply top grade luxury mink lashes and top service. And this is the difference between Klein Lashes and the other Lashes Wholesale Manufacturers and Suppliers.

More cooperation and help please CONTACT US !!!

We will try our best to help you make the right decision solve the questions you met in your 3D Mink Lashes Business line.

If you want to test the quality of our 3D Mink Eyelash, we will provide you free lashes sample to test the quality.

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Where To Buy Lashes Wholesale?

If you want to buy Mink Lashes Wholesale , congratulation you find Klein Lashes to be your Lashes Wholesale Vendor , we are the best 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor and we are also supply Luxury Lashes in the market , such as 25MM Mink Lashes ,20MM Mink Lashes Wholesale , Natural Mink Lashes Wholesale and Dramatic Lashes Wholesale with competitive wholesale price.

First , we supply top grad 100% hand made mink lashes in the world.
Our Mink Lash Wholesale are different than the ordinary ones and they are sold in the market. And if you want to have test which one is much better and easily sold out, you can CONTACT US to order the sample to test the quality and market. You will get the answer by yourself.

So do you know why our Luxury Mink Lashes Wholesale are different than the others ?

1st Advanced technology
This is the main reason that we can do good in this eyelash industry. And we use safe physical method to produce Eyelashes Wholesale not chemical way to ensure each pair of lashes are safe .

2nd Easy to apply.
Our luxury mink lashes can easy apply on , and the band is not only soft but also shaped perfect with the eye. So they can easily apply on your eyes and can not fall down easily.

3rd Strict QC.
We have three quality checks the quality from the raw material to product to ensure the high quality.

In addition, all Eyelashes Wholesale are sterile, which are safe, no irritation, do no harm to your eye and skin.

4th Light weight.
You will feel no eyelashes on your eye when you put on our luxury lashes, and they are so light and soft, so you can feel them without any weight.
And our eyelashes help to relieve eye strain and disease.

5th Leading the fashion.
Fashionable style lashes are all design by our own famous designer, and our designers in China are leading the world in this field.

Although there are many Eyelash Wholesale Suppliers copying us to produce our styles in the market, but they just copy the style, and they can not copy the soul of our luxury Mink lash Wholesale.

As we post before, the creativity and soul of our designers cannot be stolen easily. And if you’re a professional buyer, you can spot it easily.

If you have no idea about how to distinguish the bad one and the luxury one, you can Click here to get more professional knowledge and you can contact us to get the answer directly.

Second, all the lashes are the hot style.
Your Lashes Wholesale Vendor may say they have too many style for you to choose, and when you make a 3D Mink Lashes Bulk Order, you will fine they can’t sold out easily.

Why ?

Because those Lash Wholesale are not the hot style in the market, and they just do not know the market very well.

But our luxury lashes are all hot one, not matter which one you choose, you will find the market. And they can sold out easily with competitive retail price.

Our Lashes Wholesale Price is low, but the retail price is much more competitive than the ordinary one, Lashes Vendor can get back the money easily with a good profits.

If you want to spend less and get more , you can’t miss our Luxury Eyelashes Wholesale. It is a good choice to cooperate with Klein Lashes.

Instead , if you choose a Cheap Wholesale Mink Lashes with little money, and people won’t buy them or never buy them next time, you will lost your money and customer, finally , you lost your opportunity and market.

What a pity!

Klein Lashes, we are not a Lashes Wholesale Vendor and Eyelashes Factory, we also a Lashes Market Research Agency, we have the sale data , and we do know which style is hot in your local market, and which length is popular in which country.

So trust us and choose us to be your Wholesale Mink Lash Vendor will be a good decision.

Third , the price of 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale.
The price of our Lashes Wholesale is much more competitive than the other Lashes Wholesale Suppliers.

The price of our luxury 25MM Mink Lashes Wholesale is $5 to $8 according to the style and quantity.

The price of our 16-22mm Natural Mink Lashes Wholesale is $4 to $5.5 according to style and quantity.

In fact , our Lashes Wholesale Price is not the high one, but the most competitive one with top grade quality.

And the retail of our luxury lashes is 15-20 USD, our customers will get a big profit margin.

We treat every customer sincerely and share our profits with our partner. So more and more Mink Lashes Vendor would choose Klein Lashes to be their Wholesale Lashes Vendor.

Fourth , More humane service system.

We have been working hard to solve customers’ practical problems. we set up many customer service departments to meet our Wholesale Lashes customer needs.

We just want to produce unique style lashes and provide unique best service to our customer ,and we will do much better and more than your Wholesale Mink Lash Vender, if you want to know what we can do for you , you can follow our post to get more , and anything we can do for you , you can contact us to get more information about Wholesale 3D Mink Lash and Custom Eyelash Packaging .

If you want to make a Bulk 3D Mink Lashes Order Wholesale , Klein

Lashes will supply top grade luxury quality and competitive Wholesale Lashes Price to you .

More cooperation welcome to CONTACT US!!!

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How to choose eyelash vendors?

When you find your Eyelash Vendors in your market, you have too many questions and issues to solve by your Eyelashes Vendor.


First, May I have your 3D Mink Lashes catalogue?
Yes, usually , you will ask them to send your the Mink Lashes catalogue to Buy Lashes and choose your Lashes Wholesale style first.

And this step, you should choose the style you want to order, such as 25mm Mink Lashes Wholesale , 20MM Mink Lashes Wholesale and 16-22mm mink lash wholesale.

And your Lashes Vendor will send you the exact length Mink Lash Catalogue to you to choose. And you can choose the right style you like from the Lashes Catalogue.

Second, How much do your 3D Mink Lashes Cost?

If your Lashes Vendor provide competitive wholesale price, they will ask your how many lashes do you want to order, and you should give them your detail information to your Mink Lashes Vendor.

So they can check the detail price for you , because they are Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor, if you make 3D Mink Lashes Bulk Orders, you should check each details, and if you are the regular customer, you can just directly make the order with any risk. If you want to make a good purchase you can contact us to get more skills tips ,and our salesman will give your professional advice to you to help you make a good decision.

Usually, if you choose 16-25mm mink lashes, and different style and quantity different price, and if you want to get a good price, you may add some Lashes Custom Package and the more the cheaper.

Third, do you do Lashes custom packaging?
Yes. Most of your Lashes Vendor can do this for you. If they can’t, change it.


Because they don’t have to much time and energy to serve you and your company, and they just sell Mink Lashes, and to some extend, in order to save time and money, they will said to you, you can choose from other Lashes company to produce Mink Lashes Custom Packaging Box. If you make the order from two company, you have to pay for two additional shipping cost, which will wast your money.

Some Lashes Wholesale Vendors in order to save time and energy, they just provide your black box to you .

Instead, Klein Lashes provide you best Custom Lashes Packaging box service. Any color , any shape, any idea you can tell me, and we will design for you ,and make effect photo to you to check the effect, when you confirm the effect , and we will produce for you.

Fourth, How much does your lashes custom package box cost?
If you do one pair set Lashes Box , will need 1-3.5 usd each box according to the style and craft. Also different material different price, but all will be low wholesale price for you if you choose a right Wholesale Lashes Vender.

But most of your Lashes Wholesale Vendor have MOQ limit, you should ask clear before make the order.

Usually MOQ 100-200 box, some Lashes Vendors MOQ 50 boxes, and Klein Lashes, MOQ is 30 boxes, much lower than the other Eyelashes Vendors.

Why our MOQ is lower than the others?

Through market research we find that most beginners want to start the mink lashes business line with low budget, and they just want to start with 30 -50 custom packaging boxes to build their lashes brand.

Also , we want to more and more distributors bring Real 100 Mink Lashes to their market and customer.

We find, many Wholesale Lashes Manufacture supply bad eyelashes to their customer with low price. But that not the real Luxury Lashes, which will case eye strain and disease. So we just want more and more girls join us , bring the real mink lashes to the market.

We can get few profits for the little custom order, in fact , that will do cause to much time and energy to design the custom packaging box , but we insist to do this, it is no business with money, we want more partner join us.

Fifth, what is your MOQ of 3D Mink Lashes?
In fact , no MOQ limit. We don’t want to see the girls who want to start their lashes business line can’t work because of the MOQ.

If you want to join us, to get more profits from the business line, just feel free contact whatsapp008613465813039 to join us.

But if you want to have a good price, you should purchase at least 20 pairs.

So you should make a right purchase according to your budget , and if you have no idea about how to make a perfect order and bulk order, you can add whatsapp008613465813039 to get more help, and our salesman will check the detail for you according to your demand and budget.

Trust us, trust professional team will bring you more new hot style lashes and market opportunity.

Sixth, how many ways do you have to ship my lashes and eyelashes boxes?
We have too many ways to ship the Lashes Wholesale and Eyelash Boxes.

We have the fast express ship way and slow ways for you to choose.

The fast will need two to three business day to usa and the slowly one will take 10-25 business day but very cheap.

We suggest the express shipping way to post your lashes, and you can get them immediately. And when you sold them out, your competitor’s lashes still on the way, LOL.

And the shipping cost will be different according to your parcel’s weight and volume. And if you choose express shipping ways, We do have a discount on shipping charges because we are partner of the express company.

Seventh,So how to choose your Eyelashes Vendor properly?
All the issues and service your Lashes Vendor who can solve for you with reasonable price, you can cooperate with them.

The one who supply you top grade luxury mink lashes and good service , you can cooperate with them.

The one who can help you build your lashes brand , you should choose who.

The one who can help you build your lashes website, you can choose form .

The lashes vendors who can provide your luxury mink lashes with competitive wholesale price you can choose .

Any thing you met in your business, your Eyelash Vendors and Mink Lashes Vendor should help you solve them.

Anything we can do for you , just let us know, Klein Lashes will provide you best lashes and service for you and help you to be NO.1 in your market with our luxury mink lashes, and competitive wholesale price.



Best regards!

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Why Choose Klein Lashes To Be Your Mink Eyelash Vendors?

If you want to do 3D Mink Lashes Business On Line, never miss Klein Lashes, we supply Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Online service.

1ST Why choose Klein Lashes to be your mink eyelash vendors?

We are the best Mink Eyelashes Vendor , focus on luxury mink lashes, no matter you order Long Dramatic Mink Lashes or Natural Mink Lashes, we will send you our popular style in the market with high quality .

And we supply Free Lashes Sample to test the quality first , and then you can make a Mink Lashes Bulk Orders.

All our mink lashes are designer by our own designer, made by our skills artists. You can easily find the best one is you compare with yours.

lash vendors

2nd How to make 3D mink lashes order online?
If you have whatsapp, you contact with our salesman directory, and we will send you our catalogue to you ,and tell us which style do you want to order and how many lashes do you order, we will give you details about the price of the lashes .

eyelash vendors

3rd which payment do I pay for the lashes ?
We have too many ways to pay for the lashes online, you can pay by Paypal , West Union, Money Gram,TT.

mink lash vendors

4th which shipment do you like?
We have two shipping ways to choose, the first one is the efficient way by express. And the second one is slowly one,and you can choose the shipping ways according to you prefer. Of course, the efficient one is a little bit expensive than the slowly one.

5th what should I do when you receive the lashes ?
Before you receive the lashes , we will send you our lashes picture when we finish the work, and you can post them online, and when you receive your parcel , you can easily sold them out ,and prepare for the next order.

custom lash box vendors

6th How do I get profits from the 3D mink lashes business?
The wholesale price of our luxury mink lashes is reasonable, and we supply you a good wholesale price, and you should add the cost of the shipping, and then you will get your post charge, and the retail price is 30 to 35 USD, so you can get 26 to 31 USD profits each, so too many mothers and beauty bloggers Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendors USA choose Klein Lashes to be their Eyelash Vendor.

diy eyelash packaging

7th Why choose Klein Lashes to be your lashes vendor?
we just supply luxury mink lashes ,and our luxury mink eyelash can easily sold out and get your money back.

If you choose us to be your Mink Lashes Vendor,we will bring best mink lashes to you and best service to you , and we can help you get more and more market with our top grade mink lashes, and you will get more and more customer.

You can easily beat your opponent if you cooperate with us, and we do believe you can success with our high quality eyelashes.

eyelash packaging vendors

Wish everyone can find your Best Mink Lashes Vendor and get the Best Mink Lashes in the market.

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How To Start Your Eyelash Line ?

How To Start Your Eyelash Line ?

wholeslae 3d mink lasehs vendor emma lashes help you start your lash brand business line with 25mm mink eyelash and lashes 20 mm
If you want start your 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale business line, or you want to know How does it cost to start a lash company, and Emma Lashes will teach you step by step to start your Lashes Wholesale business line with little budget and find your Eyelashes Vendor .

Well ,before the business line you should know how much do you have , or you want to spend on the business line?

So different budget different scheme.

First , Find your Lashes Eyelash Vendors.
The first step is to choose your Eyelashes Vendor and choose the best Lashes Wholesale in the market.
You should know which style is the hot style 3D Mink Lashes in the market. and you should begin with the hot style and they can easily be sold out and you will get your money back in a short time.

So the 3D Mink Lashes is the most popular lashes in the market , and you should begin with Mink Lashes or False Mink Lashes to sell, because they are the Luxury Lashes, which is fluffy and vivid, soft and comfortable.

There are 13-18MM Natural Mink Lashes ,20MM 3D Mink Lashes and 25MM Mink Eyelashes Wholesale in the market, and you should know your market , which style do they love , so you should buy what the customer love.

If you have no idea about which style you should buy, I suggest you begin with each style to test the market , because different customer different taste.

When you got the point , you will know which style is the hot Mink Lashes wholesale, and you can make a perfect order when you make the next order.

Second, the cost of your Mink Lashes.
When you make the decision to buy Mink Eyelashes Wholesale , you should tell your Mink Lashes Vendor your budget, and they will give the Lashes catalogue to you and they will check the detail cost for you.
Usually 13-18mm Natural 3d mink Eyelashes cost 3-6 USD according to the quality and style, and 20mm 3d mink lashes cost 4-7 USD each pairs and 25mm mink eyelashes cost 4-8 USD, and this is the first step if you do Lashes Wholesale with small order, and much cheaper the detail price, and if you make a Mink Eyelashes Bulk Orders , you will check with your Lashes Vendor and to get a good competitive wholesale price.

Attention, if your Eyelashes Vendor said they have MOQ limit, and you have to change a new one , because you just start a lashes business line ,and you can buy Lashes Bulk Orders at the first order, and you can buy too much lashes on hand, and first order is just a test in your market .

Third ,the cost of Eyelash Box.
You have two choice to choose your Lashes Box.

The first one, you can do regular box .

Each Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor have this general box in stock, and you can buy them directly, what’s more it is much cheaper than custom package box. And you can order them right now.

And if you have your logo and brand name, you can also put on your logo label on the tray with little money.

If you have a big budget , you should do Eyelash Custom Package to build your eyelash brand.

And if you do your Lashes Custom Packaging you should begin with 50 or 100 boxes, and you can make a bulk order, you can also order 30 boxes from Emma Lashes, so you should have your own logo and brand name before you do your Eyelash Custom Box.CUSTOM EYELASH PACKAGING BOX WHOLESALE VENDOR (32)

If you don’t have your Eyelash Logo, you can Contact with us to get your free logo , and our designer will design for you just free if you choose Emma Lashes to be your Wholesale 25MM Mink Lashes Vendors. We will help you start your lashes business line step by step, and we will do more than you imagine.

So if you choose regular box that will be 0.5 USD to 1.88 USD according to the box you choose and the more you order the cheaper they will be.

If you do Custom Lashes Box, that will be much more expensive than regular box, and that will be 1.5 USD to 3.5 USD according to your craft and quantity.CUSTOM EYELASH PACKAGING BOX WHOLESALE VENDOR (34)

Fourth, the shipping cost.

Shipping cost is calculated according to weight and volume. And after the purchase , you Wholesale Eyelashes Vendors will calculate your shipping cost for you , and usually your Lashes Vendor have no profits from the shipping cost ,and they have budget from the express company. so you shouldn’t pay for the cost by your account.

Usually if you order 05KG, that will be 30-35 USD, according to the weight and volume. And if you order 1KG,that will be 35-40 USD, and you can ask the detail shipping cost from your Eyelashes Vendor .

Of course, the more you order, the cheap each lashes will be, if you order 10 pairs, you should pay shipping cost 30USD, and if you order 20 pairs, they still need 30 USD, you you should buy more lashes if the shipping cost is the same to save each cost of your Eyelashes Vendor .

Fifth, Cost of Website.
If you want to build your lashes brand , you should have your website, and you can do this work by Fiverr App , and we also can build website for you ,and if you cooperate with us we will provide your High quality photo for you to build your website together.

mink eyelash vendors wholesale lashes suppliers
Sixth, advertising cost.
When everything is done, the next thing you should let your market know your business.
But if you just start your lashes business line, I suggest you can sell them by your social media, such as INS , FB, YouTube, Pinterest. And you will get more and more customer with good content.

Most of the blogger are very success with this free social media. And the most important thing is free !

So if you are ready to start your lashes business line , please contact us,we will supply top grade Mink Lashes and Lashes Custom Packaging Boxes for you and will help you start your lashes business step by step.

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Which Style Mink Lashes Is the Best Seller?

Which Style Mink Lashes Is the Best Seller?

Too many Lash Vendors purchase Mink Lashes from their Mink Lashes just choose the style they like, and when you make a wrong 3D Mink Eyelashes order, you will waste your money, or it will take too long time to get your money back.

lash vendor eyelash wholesale lash vendors usa

First , choose Mink Lashes.
So you should know which style is the best seller or the hot style in the market before you make the Lashes Wholesale order.

Before you make the 3D Mink Lashes order, you need to know which lashes do you want to buy,do you want to buy Mink Lashes? Or silk lashes , or Fiber Lashes or Faux Mink Lashes ,human hair eyelashes?

You should know which material is the most popular in the market.

By far the most popular is mink eyelashes. More and more people would like to choose Mink Lashes because they are soft vivid, gorgeous and the most luxury one.

So if the sales of your 3d mink lashes business line is down, you should you should change your lashes . focus on the luxury ones. Not the bad one.

Second, choose handmade one not the one made by machine.
As you know , most of the lashes are made by machine. Because the lashes are cheap and can easily finish. But when you put on the lashes, you will find the one made by machine lose soul and do not as gorgeous as the Mink Eyelashes made by hand.

So if you sell your lashes with cheap price to attract your customer, you will lose them in the end. And you will lose your mink eyelash business line too.

Third, choose 25MM 20MM Mink Lashes.
25MM 3D Mink Lashes are very popular in 2019. And this Long Dramatic Lashes are still very popular in the market, which are long dramatic and gorgeous.

But you should also pay attention to 20MM Mink Eyelashes in 2020. More and more people would like to select a perfect length to show their personality not the natural one and the dramatic one. So you should order more 20MM 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale in this year to catch the opportunity to open your market.

mink lashes vendors wholesale mink eyelashes
Fourth , ask your salesman to choose the hot style.
Your Mink Lashes Vendors have the wholesale data and they know which style is the hot in your market.

And they are willing to introduce the best seller to you , because the more Lashes Wholesale you sale , the more profits they will get. They are very happy you purchase the hot style in the market.

Fifth,know your market.
You should analyze your sales data carefully, and your purchasing department will have guide to make a good purchase.

Also you should make a survey to test which style is the hot one.

Sixth, choose a good eyelash vendors.
A good Eyelashes Vendor who will provide your the best 3d mink lashes in the market, and the best luxury mink lashes is your Ads in the market, and High quality mink lashes will bring you more and more custom and profits from your wholesale 3d mink eyelashes business line.

Also when the new hot style met the market, your Mink Lashes Vender can tell you in the first time. And you will catch the market immediately.