How To Negotiate With Wholesale Mink Lashes Factory?

How To Negotiate With Wholesale Mink Lashes Factory?

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1 Show Order To Your Mink Lashes Vendor

  • You should tell your lashes vendor what your want to order , and they will show you the correct mink lashes catalog to you , and you can choose the style you want to order.
  • And then you should tell your 5d mink lashes vendor the quantity you want to order ,and they will check the wholesale price for you.
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2 Show Your Budget .

  • Just tell your Lashes Manufacturer your budget and your order, and they will check the cost for you , and tell you how many style you can order and how many style you can get .
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3 How To Save Your Money.

  • You have two ways to save your money.
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First , You Can Add Some More To Earn A Low Price.

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Second, Order Less Lashes .

  • You have to give up the bulk orders if you have budget. And you can just start your lashes first, and then test the market.
  • And you can make all your money you invested back, and get your profits back. And then you can try to make a bigger order.
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Third , Use Free Eyelash Packaging Instead Of Custom Eyelash Packaging.

  • Most  would like to buy more lashes instead of the eyelash packaging. So you if you want to buy more 3D Mink Lashes , you can ask for a Free Eyelash Packaging Box with your private logo label. So just feel free to ask your mink lashes vendors to make a reasonable price.
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Fourth , Save The Shipping Cost.

  • If you order the free eyelashes packaging that will save a little bit shipping cost. So this method especial suit the beginner. But if you want to build your lashes brand and get more profits you have to choose custom eyelash packaging box .
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4 How To Reduce The Cost Of Each Mink Lashes From Your Factory ?

  • You may have two ways to reduce the cost of your lashes .
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First , You Can Order More Lashes To Get A Lower Price.

Because most lashes vendor supply wholesale lash service. The more you order the cheaper will be.

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Second,Order Eyelash Box Together.

  • Some wholesale lashes vendor have the policy to promote the eyelash boxes , and if you order boxes together , they will apply for you a good price.
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Third, Use Coupon.

  • When you order the bulk order ,and some 25mm lashes vendor will give your a coupon to promote the sales. But you can only use the next order.
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Fourth, Refuse Gift ,Apply For The Discount From Your Mink Lashes Supplier.

  • Some Mink Lashes Supplier will give you some gift if you cooperate with them, and some you can apply for a discount instead of the gift, but this maybe can’t do work ,some Best Lashes Vendor won’t do this to pull the price of the lashes down, because they just supply best quality lashes .
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5 Making A Down Payment To Get A Better Price.

  • Never miss an opportunity to get a low price . and you can pay first , and when you have money, you can make an bulk order to get a good price.
  • As you know , some hot style you have to wait to get the lashes .so you can pay first to get the popular 3d mink lashes .
  • More issues about the negotiation with your Mink Lashes Vendor , you can contact us get the answer and skills .
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