Where Do Lashes Come From?

As you know Lashes Wholesale Vendor are very popular in USA, and once girl wear them on , they will love them and buy them to make a beautiful makeup.

And many Lashes Vendor in the world , but where do the 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale come from?


Do they made by Americans? Or the other people?

Where to find the Eyelashes Vendor?



Klein Lashes will help you find the best Eyelash Venders and help you Start Your Lashes Business Line.

90% of the Eyelash come from China ,Qingdao, and if you want to place a Bulk Lashes Orders , and you should find Mink Lashes Vendor , and they can provide you many kinds of 3D Mink Eyelashes.

Why do Luxury Lashes come from China?


Because China is the birthplace of Mink Wholesale Lashes ,and have developed many years , many Lashes Factories have their skills , and the lashes made in china ,the quality is much better the the other countries.

Many Lashes Manufacturer use China Lashes Manufacturer to shape the lashes and make it more beautiful, because the other countries can’t do that skilled work.

And if you want to start your lashes business , you have to ways to do .


The first one, is that you can begin with cheap lashes , but you should know the cheap one is the bad one. Once your customer receive the other Eyelashes Factories , you will lose them.

The second way, is that you can begin with luxury lashes , but should have your enough budget , and it will be some different in the beginning. But once you sold our, you will collect many regular customer and , your customer will be more and more.


So you should choose the ways according to your budget and your budget.

And if you choose Klein Lashes to be your Eyelash Vendors , we will help you with our heart. And we only focus on luxury lashes and never cheat to customer.

We can do more than you imagine.

More details and order sample orders welcome CONTACT US!!!

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