Which Lashes For Natural Look?

If you want to choose the natural look , you should choose 16mm Lashes or 20mm Eyelash , and not choose 25 mm Lashes ,because 25mm Mink Lashes are all dramatic ones. And they are also much expensive than Natural Lashes .


So if you want to order natural lashes ,you should find a trustworthy 3D Mink Lashes Vendor and tell them the feature you need ,and they will sent the right style to you , and you’d better choose the straight one ,not choose the cross style. And if you choose a cross style and don’t choose 20 MM Mink Eyelash, and that will make a dramatic appearance.


So , the only way is that you choose the 13-18mm Lashes to make a natural look.

By the way, natural style are used for job market ,and 20mm and 25mm Mink Eyelashes are used for personality to show yourself.


If you attend a meeting you should choose natural style lashes to create a formal image.
And if you want start a lashes business line , you should find a reliable Eyelash Vendor who provide wholesale price.

Also the lashes vendor should provide good service and help you open your make , such as help you make the market strategy, build your lashes brand.


Whats more, the best lashes vendor can also help you solve the issues you met ,and can do what you need.
The important thing is that you should order the best luxury lashes to make a safe and healthy appearance.

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Such as the Lilly Lashes Vendor, if you can find a best lashes vendor ,and you get will more profit in you lashes business line.


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